As a snowboard professional I've been traveling to film and compete from Alaska to Australia and coached in Canada, Australia and Finland. I've trained snowboard trainers for ski and snowboard schools close to 20 years and been lecturing in congresses about snowboarding, learning and motor skills teaching. Now I work in coach development, leadership and business coaching and consulting.

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Snowboarder to Professional Coach Developer

The future of leadership and sport coaching is here. This is how it started to developing.

I was pushing my limits in snowboarding since late 1980's. I competed internationally in Big air, but found my love to be in mountains and freeriding. I competed also in freeriding and in Freeride World Tour qualifiers. But I was already more on filming and mostly riding for myself. In early 90's I had to figure out a way to support financially my riding, so I ended up to teaching snowboarding. Then I went to coaching snowboarders to Australia and Canada and could still ride northern winter mostly in Chamonix, France. Back then we had to figure out ourselves how to ride and do tricks. This was a solid back groud to learn learning and later to coach ot to others.

Later I went to study sport pedagogy in the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences in University of Jyväskylä and graduaded as a master of sport sciences, (M.Sc.). Since I started working in ski schools I've been interested to teaching and learning better, so I've constantly tested different styles of teaching with my customers. I continued this as a P.E. Teacher in Schools and Coach and Sport Developer for Finnish Snowboard Association. Meanwhile I was working as a trainer of snowboard coaches for ski schools. I've been developing and creating training programs for multible times for snowboarders and been lecturing in congresses about it.

Trough my hands on experience and studies I've developed my own method of coaching. It uses the latest theories of motor skills learning and motivation and mixes them in practical way. It also involves some mental training to everyday work. This is a big thing in snowboarding, where you have to deal with fear and push your boundaries every day to progress.

My Method is called JR Method. It is not only for coaches, but also for leaders, teams and people. Now it's also available for you.

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How to profit from Jussi's Methods in business?

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Motivation and new ways of coaching In the Core of Coaching

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"Jussi's positive attitude and very professional coaching has given me lot's of new ideas"

Kalle Järvilehto, Snowboard A-Team Finland

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