Leadership development

Learn how to lead thinking, enthusiasm, emotions & energies and how to put them in practice for you and your company.

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New Leadership coaching benefits your business

Do you want the best people in business to work for you?

Leading enthusiasm is now a business advance, but it's essential in future.

Learn to build a learning organization.

Learn to motivate people.

Learn to lead enthusiasm, emotions and energies.

I've developed my own method to leaders and coaches. JR Method brings the future to your hands and to your business.

Building Learning Organizations

Learning and new leadership can profit your company and be your business advance. Through my method leaders and employees will adapt faster to changes and get back to work sooner. They tolerate changes better through growth mindset and continous develoment in tasks. It gives you results, turns challenges to possibilities and positive changes. By building a learning organization your company grows with ever faster changing world and creates inspiring motivators.

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"Jussi's positive attitude and very professional coaching has given me lot's of new ideas"

Kalle Järvilehto, Snowboard A-Team Finland

nuoli oikealle