I've developed my own coaching method through my long in practise experience. You can learn more, conquere your fears and be motivated to training more than you would never thought of. This method works in business, sports and private life.

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JR Method - Future of Leadership and Coaching

Future of leadership is in enthuasiasm. My coaching is based on holistic idea of man, learning, inspiring and motivation. This means building suitable physical and social environment for these. I work as a consultant, mentor and coach depending on customers individual needs.

JR Method process coaches you to be inspiring and motivating leader or coach. Motivation is the key element to create enthusiasm. Enthuasiasm is needed for experts, especially in information business and customer service, because enthusiastic people are more creative, learn better and work more productive. They are also heathier and more wellbeing.

Leading enthusiasm is now a business advance, but essential in future. World is changing. Ability to learn as an organization is a key element to success in future and it can be only achieved by enthusiastic, motivated people.


Leaders, Teams, People

Innovative working methods

Individual process

Learning by working

Building learning environment

Building motivating work environment

Building learning organization

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For Companies

How to profit from Jussi's Methods in business?

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For individuals

Benefit from new coaching methods

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"Jussi's positive attitude and very professional coaching has given me lot's of new ideas"

Kalle Järvilehto, Snowboard A-Team Finland

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