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Leadership training, Ouneva Group

Jussi is pedantic coach and has put a lot of effort for this training. Personal coaching was very useful. And content for this training was great!

Mikko Nevalainen, President, Ouneva Group

Leadership Training, Ouneva Group

Different then normal consultants. Interesting! Absolutely recommended!

Seppo Lappalainen, CEO, Ouneva Group

Leadership training, Ouneva Group

Best training ever in my career.

Petri Silvennoinen, Plant Manager, Ouneva Group

Leadership Training, Ouneva Group

Interesting leadership training! My own thinking opened up really well! I got new ideas and ways of thinking to manage the big picture. Great! Jussi is easy to work with and pleasent, easy to discuss different topics.

Mika Kosunen, CMO, Ouneva Group

Rene Rinnekangas

"I recommend to Jussi as a coach, because he's very professional and motivating coach! Jussi puts a lot of emphasis on learning being fun and motivating. And he's a great person."

Rene Rinnekangas, X-Games Winner, Snowboard National A-Team Finland

Ministry of Finance, Finland

Jussi's workshop was pleasantly peaceful and open-minded. Workshop was well thought through and it was effective also as a webinar. Jussi went through themes very clearly. There was an positive and functional atmosphere which encouraged people to think themselves and do practical excercises. We got great tools to manage our thinking and to find and build our motivation. Focus exercises are easy to remember and to use during a work day. Workshop had an positive effect to our work organization.

Markus Rahkola, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Finance

Noora Vihervaara

"I've been working with Jussi many times. I appreciate strongly Jussi's people and leadership skills, and ability to inspire and motivate different people. These are seen in everything he does. I sincerely recommend him!"

Noora Vihervaara, sports manager, Bueno & Co Oy

Leadership Training, Ouneva Group

I recommend as a general leadership training.

Pekka Heikkinen, CFO, Ouneva Group

Priidik Vesi

"I recommend absolutely! It has been an honor to be coached, mentored and trained last 6 years to become a snowboard coach. And also in life generally in this time. Jussi's strengths are his motivation, self confindence and being real. He doesn't give up until he has gotten to his goals. Working with Jussi has been the best time in my life. It was always fun and postitive and he supported me when I needed. Especially I admire how can he ask those right questions, to help me understand and get closer to my goals."

Priidik Vesi, Snowboard Coach, Entrepreneuer in Vuokatin seikkailupuisto Oy

Leadership Training Ouneva Group

Jussi is coach who makes us realize, mental side. We are coached to be employees coaches. Inspiring people is important, creating positive circle for others also.

Pentti Nieminen, Plant Manager, Ouneva Group

Kalle Järvilehto

"I recommend very much! Jussi's positive attitude and very professional coaching has given me lot's of new ideas and ways to do snowboard tricks. Jussi has an ability to think matter's from various perspectives and has given me tips which I never even thought of."

Kalle Järvilehto, Snowboard A-Team Finland

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